• Passion for coffee

    We always have for you a special mono-origin coffee

    Visit Caffè Mazzanti
  • Pizza like it used to be

    Each of our pizzerias offers unique and original doughs and leavening techniques: from “biga” starter to sourdough, from barley-based crust to ancient grains, and of course gluten-free.

    Discover all our pizzerias
  • Artisanal Gelato

    Gelato, sorbets and frozen yogurt: all strictly hand crafted according to the traditional methods. No additives or colorants. Always fresh because we prepare small batches daily.

    Visit Gelateria Impero
  • Italian hospitality

    A unique stay with an unparalleled view on Juliet’s balcony, the roofs of Verona and Piazza delle Erbe.

    Visit the Relais

La qualità è il diritto di tutti.

Food Democracy establishes and runs restaurants, creates operating systems and solutions that have high potential for growth in the catering business, trade and tourism.

The core of the company features more than 40 years of experience in the catering business and a team of professional, enthusiastic and close-knit employees.